"Stacey helped us find our first home we were purchasing together.  In this current economic climate it is not an easy task to find a house let alone afford one.  Stacey did a phenomenal job of taking the time to understand our needs.  The communication between Stacey and us was outstanding.  She did whatever it took to make sure our needs were met.  Many of these needs including making herself available to show us the house as many times as we needed.  When it came down to presenting our offer to the buyer, Stacey was very professional and made sure to have our best interest at heart.  She was aggressive in her negotiation skills, which is a must when you are up against 7-10 offers like we were.   In the end we have a house that we are excited to build our life together in.  I would highly, highly recommend Stacey as a realtor."
- Kate M. & Glen P.  (Buyer)

“Stacey is a phenomenal agent. She is attentive without being pushy. She will work hard to understand your preferences and show you homes that meet your criteria (a high percentage of the listings she sent us were very interesting to us). She understands macro trends (eg, which cities/neighborhoods are up and coming) as well as details of home construction (she could tell the brand of fixtures just by looking at them). She is very well plugged into the ecosystem and will put it to work for you: contractors, lenders, handymen, whatever you need. It was a treat to know her and work with her.”     - PRANAV & SWAYAM D. (Buyer)

“I found Stacey delightful to work with. She made the process very easy for me. She did a great job overseeing the updating and staging of the house, navigating through multiple offers happening at the same time, and making sure the sale closed as expected. ”
- STEVE R.   (Seller)

“Stacey is one of those people who you meet and feel like you’ve met her before– there’s just an immediate click factor. She’s easy-going, warm and engaging. Prior to working with Stacey, I had purchased a home in San Francisco 7 years ago and it was my first time. The agent we had met with us, showed us a bunch of properties initially where none of them were really our style, and then hastily told us to figure it out and then call him when we were ready. We ended up finding our condo ourselves and our agent helped zero during the process. We felt was just in it for a commission and really wasn’t interested in working together. Fast forward 6 years, and I was starting to look for a home on the peninsula and met Stacey at an open house in Menlo Park down the street from my 101-year old grandmother that I was visiting. After talking with Stacey for 2 minutes it was clear she was not about commission or just moving properties for the cash, but she was about caring for her clients. We sat down in her office about a week later and the first thing she did was put her notepad and pen down and asked me about me, which threw me off guard. She asked me some open-ended questions, and then asked me to picture and describe my perfect home: what did that look like, where was that home, what kind of street was it on. She went out of her way to find out about me and from that she scheduled a couple of visits to properties that she thought fit my style. Agents may ask clients these questions, but Stacey has a very intuitive way about her that really helps you find what you are looking for and even as important as that, makes you feel that you are her only client. Stacey is warm and engaging, but she can be a bulldog on your behalf with sellers’ and buyers’ agents. And in this market to have someone like that in your corner is essential. I’ve met a lot of agents over the years, and there really is no one who compares with Stacey. ”
- DAN L.  (Buyer)

“Stacey helped me through the arduous task of divorce motivated house valuations. She was most thorough and attentive to my needs and worries. At no stage in the process did I feel underwater or lost, due to her helpful attentiveness. The process is still ongoing so I may be relying on Stacey's professionalism in the very near future. I heartily recommend Stacey to those in need of an honest, resourceful, reliable realtor."
- IAN M.  (Seller)

"Stacey has been looking after us while we spread our search area, and supported us right through all the processes, made it all easy even for us newcomers to the area, trying to understand the intricacies of the California house buying paperwork. We are now settling in our new house, thanks to  Stacey's hard work it all went without problems."
- KATHRIN H.  & MAARTEN M. (Buyer)

"Stacey Diodati-Jamison is a warmly communicative, results driven professional who you can trust with all your real estate requirements. As a thorough professional, Stacey operates with the highest integrity and offers an uncompromising high level of service. We received a phenomenal over-asking offer within days of listing, which not only gave us peace of mind but real cause to celebrate. Thank you, Stacey."

- MELISSA P. (Buyer)